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Alert Financial Services is a specialized ‘boutique’ entity taking on and working with a limited and exclusive group of clients.

The ultimate goal of our operation is to do what other "Asset Protection" companies only claim to do, PROTECT and secure the interests of a client from outside intrusion. Period.

There is no doubt that a properly structured and executed offshore Trust structure is the very best way to hold and secure personal, real, and commercial assets.

AFS being a small specialized organization gives us the ability to be nimble and fluid when necessary to the benefit of our primary asset, you the client. Our unique approach to Asset Protection is meant to allow each client with as much privacy, control, flexibility and security as possible. Keeping the Trust’s financial integrity completely secure, ‘iron clad’ from any attack, claim or other adverse action public or private.

How this flexibility is accomplished is best discussed with each client in a private and confidential venue should one be interested in a truly unique asset protection structure.

All trust companies may appear and claim to offer protection and confidentiality, but when a problem arises in our experience, it is often their own interests that are put first at the expense of their clients and the very assets they have promised to protect. As some of our clients have learned, “Not all that glitters is Gold”. Many are fooled by fancy offices and glossy brochures. Born of adversity, our Modus Operandi has been “tried by fire."

The reputable and highly regulated organizations behind AFS are themselves Trust Clients of substantial means who have experienced firsthand the dark side of the International Trust world, in some cases having fallen victim to the incompetent and untrustworthy conduct of the very Trustee Companies who vowed to serve and protect them.

In short, we are offering to our clients as an invaluable benefit the vast experience of hard lessons learned, misfortune and expensive litigation as a result of being taken advantage of financially by unscrupulous operators within the offshore world.

Over the past 30 years, we have discovered and established relationships with the most effective international legal advisers who are highly sophisticated practitioners and barristers with decades of specialized experience in the practice of asset protection, international Trust law, and its application in offshore jurisdictions. These specialists advocate and advise our clients when necessary on the most complicated or simplistic of matters.

Our directors are former law-enforcement officials who investigated, confirmed, and evidenced cases of impropriety discovering that indeed, the Trust world is littered with incompetent individuals and organizations not only lacking integrity and violating client confidentiality, but at times conducting themselves in a deliberately dishonest manner. In one case an organization was found to be literally pilfering millions in trust asset to their own benefit directly contrary to the fiduciary positions for which they have been charged.

The key to finding the best possible structure and jurisdiction for you is through the vast knowledge of those who have traveled, experienced and survived the gauntlet. Take advantage of our experience and success; Alert Financial Services will to show you how.

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